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Svenska Suzukiförbundet

Elev- och orkesterkurs sommaren 2019

Presentation av kurslärare: Chiharu Shimano


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Hello Suzuki students of Sweden!
My name is Chiharu, and I am a violinist from Matsumoto, Japan. That's the city where Dr. Suzuki did a lot of work with children. It is also where I was lucky to play violin with Dr. Suzuki when I was a small child. I remember Dr. Suzuki was always doing funny things, and he loved playing violin with children.

I've lived and taught violin in four different countries now, and played music in many, many more. But, the best thing about teaching with the Suzuki Method is that I get to see how it allows anyone to play music, and allows children to make instant friends because it's so easy and fun to play together.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and playing with you this Summer!

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