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ESA Violin Teacher Trainer, United Kingdom
ESA Honorary Member

Helen Brunner


Foto: ESA


Helen graduated on Violin from the Royal College of Music in London before discovering the Suzuki Method™ in 1968 in New York, USA.

Helen's four children each learned an instrument with a Suzuki teacher when they were little and upon returning to the UK in 1970, Helen pioneered the Suzuki Method™ in this country and founded the first Suzuki group in Europe — the London Suzuki Group.

Since then Helen studied intensively with Dr Suzuki in Japan (graduating in 1983) and is currently the UK Director the European Suzuki Association Board.

Helen now travels all over the world as an ESA Violin Teacher-Trainer, and has recently visited Peru, USA, Singapore, Japan, India and Australia.

In July 2012 Helen Was honoured to be awarded the Gold Medal for Culture & Heritage by the Ministry of Culture in Poland for services to the Polish People.

In 2013 Helen began the first Suzuki Violin Teacher Training programme in Moscow.

In 2016 Helen gave the Suzuki community a wonderful gift — she wanted to make her dream come true ‘to fill the Royal Albert Hall with over 1000 children playing together, children from all over the world, across all of Suzuki instruments, and nationalities and all languages‘ This event took 2 years of intensive preparation. The 1000 performers soon became 1300 performers from 28 different countries, speaking 22 different languages. The Royal Albert Hall was sold out in just 9 days and the event was a huge success. Not only an unforgettable concert but also a source of inspiration for all 1300 participants who had grown so much in preparing the repertoire for this Gala concert.

The ESA Board is very grateful to Helen for all her work in developing the Suzuki Method™ throughout the region and appointed her as Honorary Member at its Board meeting in April 2016.


Source: ESA Teachers' Newsletter, Volume 36 2016


Royal Albert Hall for BSI Gala Concert Easter 2020

To Russia with Love ESA Teachers' Newsletter, Volume 36 2016 (page 7)



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