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Jag har nu fått uppdatering från SSZ styrelse. Allt jag får kommer att publiceras här omedelbart.
Allt som är nytt och återspeglar den nya situationen kommer att markeras med Rosa bakgrund på meddelandet, som detta.


Aktuella lärarutbildningar i Sverige (anmälan är öppen nu)


Detta uppslag avser endast lärarutbildning i Sverige. ( Lärarutbildning i utlandet finns under Aktuella internationella händelser. )

***ALL*** utbildning av Suzukipedagoger sker på uppdrag av ESA, European Suzuki Association. I Sverige ges pedagogkurser i två former:
"National Teacher Training Course" och "Independent Teacher Training Course", på svenska "Nationell" och "Fristående",
se ESA Teacher Training & Examinations Manual, Appendix B1, sida 17.


suzukimetoden, ESA




Suzuki brasslärarkurs Nivå 1 och 3 i Nacka under läsåret 2020-2021

suzukimetoden, brass






Arrangör: friståendese förklaring:


The training course takes place in Stockholm (Nacka), Sweden. This is a non-residential course which gives a unique opportunity to study in depth the Mother Tongue Method of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki as this has been developed for the first stages of brass teaching.


Suzuki Teacher Trainers:
Ann-Marie Sundberg, (brass), ESA Suzuki Suzuki Teacher Trainer and Haukur F. Hannesson, (philosophy and pedagogy), ESA Suzuki Teacher Trainer on the cello.



Saturday, April 24 or Sunday, April 25, 2021 in Stockholm (Nacka).


The course will be given in English.


Interested brass teachers are invited to send their applications by connecting to the link below, fill in details and submit before May 1, 2020.


For ESA Level 1, an audition CD/recording is required prior to final acceptance of participation in accordance with instructions below. For ESA Level 3, a completed Level 2 Suzuki teacher training course on a brass instrument is an entry requirement.


For more information please contact
Ann-Marie Sundberg
E-mail: amsundberg48 -at- gmail -dot- com
Mobile Phone +46-70 55 77 912



Suzukilärarutbildning på violin 2021

suzukimetoden, violin



Arrangör: Svenska Suzukiförbundetse förklaring:


Start to be announced
Exam to be announced
Faculty: Päivikki Wirkkala-Malmqvist, Jan Matthiesen and special guests.


The course is for every violinist with a conservatory or university degree, that would like to become an ESA approved Suzuki-violin teacher, and for those who have already done one or more levels and wants to go on with the next level or refresh the previous.


Location depends on the participants. If there are more trainees from the same area, and they are able to provide an acceptable location for the training, one or more weekends can be held there.


In this course you will get upgrade your teaching skills and expand your understanding of pedagogy and Suzuki™ Method.


The Course consists of 6 weekends + an introduction. To do the exam, you are only allowed to miss one weekend. unless you have a special agreement. The levels being taught on the course will be decided according to the applications, minimum number on a specific level is 5.


As a new thing we will invite special guests with different areas of expertise to teach on the different weekends, as a supplement to the main teachers (Päivikki and Jan).


Det ovanstående är ett uttdrag ur Jan Mathiessens folder (på engelska) som kommer att publiceras (länken till foldern kommer att finnas här) så fort alla bitar kommer på plats.


Under tiden kommer allt som är klart synas * HÄR *.
Avgiften är 17 500 kr om minst 20 deltagare.




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