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Aktuella internationella händelser


"Internationella händelser" syftar på "händelser där LÄRARE är målgruppen och/eller ELEVER är målgruppen". Båda typer av händelser presenteras under ett och samma uppslag eftersom internationellt förekommer ofta händelser där lärare resp. elever är målgruppen samtidigt.
Samma gäller Internationella händelser och Kommande och återkommande internationella händelser.



Cellofest, UK


From 1 August to 6 August 2021, Suffolk
Read more    Covid-19 update    Application



International Children's Music School, CH


7th - 14th August 2021, Interlaken
Registration, deadline 30 Juni 2021

Insurance is matter of the participant.
Covid guarantee: If we have to cancel the event due to covid, we will give you a full refund.



'Give a Child a Teacher' Fundraising Campaign 2021


A special Fundraising Campaign organised by the European Suzuki Association (ESA) each year to raise funds to give more children the opportunity of a SUZUKI™ education in Europe, Middle East and Africa.



International Summer School, Bryanston, UK


Sunday 15th – Sunday 22nd August 2021
Covid-19 update    Application

The UK Government plans to end social restrictions on 21st June, provided that progress continues to be made with the vaccination programme and Covid-19 infections fall as expected.

It is too early to know whether there will still be restrictions in place for international travel but we will hope to see as many of our international student families as possible.

The School and LSG Trustees therefore agreed that we can offer the normal 7 days’ international summer school but with a range of special measures in place to provide as much security against Covid-19 infections as possible.

Please read the information below on the special measures for the International Summer School as well as the revised Terms and Conditions under Costs on the Apply tab. A full refund will be provided to families that have to cancel due to Covid-19 reasons.




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