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Svenska Suzukiförbundet

Jan Matthiesen



Suzukipedagogik violin The mother of Jan Matthiesen was one of the first Suzuki™ Teachers in Denmark, so naturally he grew up as a Suzuki™ Violin student and was so fortunate to have the chance of participating in several European and International Conferences with Dr. Suzuki. He continued his study of violin at the Academy of Music in Aarhus, primarily with Tutter Givskov as teacher. At this time quite a lot of other Suzuki™ Students were studying there together. Tutter Givskov succeeded in creating a wonderful teaching atmosphere in her class, so it was a great continuation of the Suzuki™ spirit. Jan received his training to become a Suzuki™ Teacher by the great teacher and Suzuki™ pioneer Tove Detreköy.

He has been teaching violin using the Suzuki™ Method since 1983, and is currently teaching in students at all levels in Aarhus Musicschool together with a group of dedicated Suzuki™ teachers. Several of his students have won prices in competitions and pursued a professional career in violin.

In 1997 Jan Matthiesen was appointed Teacher Trainer by ESA (European Suzuki Association), and has been conducting Teacher Training courses in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He is also teaching violin pedagogy at the Academy of Music in Aarhus and has since 2000 been a member of the Jury of the Jacob Gade Violincompetition. He has taught on workshops all over Europe, on International and European Suzuki™ Conventions.

Jan Matthiesen is also the father of 4 children, the oldest is now 21 and the youngest 5, they all play or have played the violin, so he knows all the roles in the Suzuki™ triangle (teacher, parent & child) and is still learning.





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